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One of the questions asked by many of the Individuals like us when we compare ourself with other people who are more successful, famous and happy. I asked this questions to many individuals who are my friends, my friend’s friend and read some related article therefore come to an interesting conclusion.

What happen with luckier people is that they spot the opportunities very quickly compare to the ordinary people. People who tend to have bad luck cannot see those opportunities because of their miserable life-cycle.

I still remember an article which was published sometime back in Times of India and was related to the research done by a scientist on people behaviour in 1950 s or so. This researcher gave some news paper to the bunch of people and told them to inform him what they see in the news paper after reading it. interesting part was that in all the news paper the researcher gave an advertisement of an offer stating that “Tell this offer to the researcher and get $50”. It was a big advt. covering almost half part of the paper. He tried this experiment with different people and after collecting the people’s findings from the newspaper, he made the conclusion that there were some people who reported that advt. and other good news to the researcher on the other hand some people didn’t find that advt. in paper and reported some other bad news published in the paper. Therefore he divided the people into two categories accordingly and figured about their background etc. He found that people who reported the advt. and other good news were said more luckier by their friends and relatives. And the people who reverted the researcher with the bad news were living a miserable life and said unluckier by their friends and relatives.

Therefore after reading this article I made a conclusion that people who tend to have more luck than others are basically opportunistic in nature and always ready to spot the opportunity as soon as it is  available to them on the other hand people who are said  not lucky, basically cannot see the opportunity early and that’s why they miss it

I’m not sure how far it is good to go with this research and article but I read some general rules to become luckier which are:

1. We should take our failure in a positive way so that next time we come with a better way.

2. We should read humourous book, see comedy movies and do humourous talk because humor nourish our mind to think more.

3. Obviously YOGA as I read it almost everywhere that to have a good body and mind, do YOGA everyday.

4. Balance your mind in such a way that 97% of your thoughts are positive and 3% are negative.

5. Try to be punctual and do the task at their right time.

6. Try to create your own innovative way of doing the things instead of following already defined techniques.

So far I can think of only these things which I read experience and see in my life. Like the MANTRA of my life I also can give you one advise

“Never run behind the targets but create your own”


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