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I discovered this while figuring out the answer of question that what are all the technologies or new subjects we need to learn for a successful life and by this we always try to eliminate the fear of having outdated from the ever growing technology world and fields related to it.

 I examine many scenarios and read about profiles of successful people that are in technology field and found that in the starting of their career they have always focused on one technology and it has made them superior in that technology and in this way they have not only achieved the success but also made them the best in the class.

 And the point that I’m also trying to make that this approach is not saying that you should not learn or go in any other technology but the thing is that you should go in that technology or field which is related to it and helps you to simply the solution which you’re trying to make with your leading technology in this way you will not only learn about the new technologies but also figure out the best approach of solving the business problem.

 Businesses are ever changing and so the technologies are, therefore what really necessary is to have your basics very good. And your basics can be very good only and only if you are having a very good command over at least one single technology where you can apply all your basics and experiment and guess what whrrroooommm…. You will be known as technology specialist like Steve jobs or Bill gates who spent their entire life in solving the complex problems but if you will look their history they always stick to one single tech or approach and experimenting with them to modify and adjust with ever changing business scenarios.

 See Microsoft Excel or word etc. from Microsoft and “i’ series from apple like I-Pod or I-Phone which are telling everyone to stick to the one approach and cover the entire world with your expertise.

 So guys I’ve N number of things to say but it can be summarized in one sentence that “It’s not everything but just one”.



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