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I’m thinking around this a lot that where we Indians are going. After seeing the current scenarios of Mumbai and overall Maharashtra it seems like we are revisiting our history again where in our history the India was divided into several states and different states were having different kings etc. and they were fighting each other to spread their kingdom what really happened because of this was first we are attacked by Mughals and rule us for near 3 or 4 centuries and then after we were ruled by East India company of England. Situation is so worst that no body in the world know our real name of nation i.e. Bharat but what they know is “India”, the name which was given to us by British.

Even after all this we have not changed at all and we are again fighting with each other like a fool and trying to superimposes our picture of a person which is very loyal to its state but not India. People of other states are beaten by some of the political people of Maharashtra and these political people are trying to give their image as a person who really cares about Maharashtra but it seems like that this caring has just invented in these people in last two or three years when they are completely issue less because of some good work of the current political parties in the Maharashtra and that’s why they are unnecessarily trying to divide the Indians and India in separate states.

They have forgotten that India is not running just because of one state or one city or by one person but it’s the effort of more than 100 crore people and all the states of India which are contributing in the success of each other. One need to understand that in today’s scenario no one can walk alone but one have to join the hands of other people for a complete¬†successful¬†journey of life.

Apparently they will understand only when they will either be left alone or by attacked by some one when no one will be there to save them because of their hate and jealousy.

The only thing I can say that everyone should understand that we are first a human being and then from different parts of world and then from different countries and in the last from different states and city. So why just we can’t be just at least an Indian if not human being. Why we are fighting with ourself and why can’t we just hold the hand of each other and contribute towards the success of entire India and world and humanity.

Questions are many and so the answers but my friend “at least be the Indian first”.


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